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  1. Are Pink Flower Girl Dresses OK for Weddings?
    The traditional flower girl dresses are either white or ivory. Recent royal weddings have also featured these colors. But, you don't need to stick to tradition. There are many color palettes that you can choose from. So, let’s explore all the reasons for choosing pink flower girl dresses!
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  2. Are Boho Flower Girl Dresses a Fit for Your Wedding?
    We have so many styles of weddings. There’s the traditional, contemporary, beach, country/farm, garden, bohemian, and many others. In this article, we will focus on boho flower girl dresses that are suitable for outdoor weddings. Keep reading to see why you should consider a boho flower girl dress.
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  3. Gold Flower Girl Dresses for You!
    What do you think about gold flower girl dresses? We know that the usual colors for all wedding-related dresses are either white or ivory. However, gold is a good accompaniment to other colors in your wedding design palette. So, keep reading to see why you should consider a gold flower girl dress for your special day!
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  4. Why You Should Get a Flower Girl Dress With Tulle
    When we’re considering flower girl dresses, there are many fabrics to choose from. At Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s recent royal wedding, the flower girls wore ivory silk Radzimir dresses. However, the tulle flower girl dress is a popular option. Let's discover why should you get a flower girl dress with tulle!
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  5. Blush Flower Girl Dresses Are In!
    Yes, you heard correct: blush flower girl dresses are in! The traditional colors are white and ivory, but a burgundy flower girl dress is a good option. A variety of shades of purple flower girl dresses are also suitable for your wedding. Let’s discuss all the reasons why blush flower girl dresses are a great option!
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  6. The Best Trends in Flower Girl Dresses for Weddings
    The season of nuptial celebrations is here again! That means getting acquainted with all the best trends in flower girl dresses for weddings. The recent royal weddings give us interesting ideas that can be used in every other wedding. So let’s explore the latest fashion tips about flower girls dresses for weddings.
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  7. Why You Should Choose a Lace Flower Girl Dress
    When it comes to the material for a flower girl dress, there are many options available. At Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding, the flower girls’ dresses were ivory silk Radzimir. However, lace flower girl dresses have been the traditional choice. Keep reading to see why a lace flower girl dress is a good idea!
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  8. Do Cheap Flower Girl Dresses Sacrifice Quality? Learn How to Get the Best Deals!
    We think that the word “cheap” has gotten a bad reputation. “Cheap” refers to affordability or getting a good deal. Weddings can be expensive and unless you’re royalty, then you are likely working with a budget. Keep reading as we share how to get cheap flower girl dresses - without sacrificing quality!
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  9. How to Choose a Cute Toddler Flower Girl Dress
    How young is too young to be a flower girl? Fortunately, there’s no age limit! This means that you may need to get an adorable toddler flower girl dress. However, there are some important factors that you need to consider when buying flower girl dresses for toddlers.
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  10. How to Keep White Flower Girl Dresses Clean for Wedding Celebrations
    You want everything and everyone to look absolutely pristine on your special day. But, white flower girl dresses can prove to be a challenge in this regard. Keep reading for some quick tips to keep your flower girl looking completely clean and beautiful during your wedding day!
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  11. The Perfect Accessories for Ivory Flower Girl Dresses
    If you selected an ivory flower girl dress for your mini-bride, then you’ve chosen a unique color. The flower girls in Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s royal wedding looked so cute in their ivory silk Radzimir dresses! Keep reading for more info on the best accessories for ivory flower girl dresses.
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  12. Is a Flower Girl Ivory Dress OK for My Wedding?
    You have so many decisions to make about the most magical day of your life. But is a flower girl ivory dress ok for your own wedding? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s flower girls wore adorable dresses made of ivory silk Radzimir. So, keep reading to see if flower girl ivory dresses are suitable for your wedding!
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